Loose Cotton Linen Shirt

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Loose Cotton Linen Shirt

Color - Dark Blue

Comes with eye-catching elements! ⠀

Nothing beats these age-defying shirts

Shirts in these colors stand out from the crowd and have you wearing them for years to come

Feel free to mix and match your favorite pants and accessories as the seasons change

We absolutely love them!

So dashing, so fraternity!

We salute all women who pursue their dreams with a truly natural soul! A feature of this chic brand is that it is made up of a group of people from all over the world.

cotton and linen

V-fold neckline trims the neckline

Soft and comfortable fabric

loose fit

Classic fit

Tag SizeUSEUAUS/UKLengthBustSleeve
S23266425.20 105.441.50 6023.62 
M43486525.59 109.443.07 6124.02 
L636106625.98 113.444.65 6224.41 
XL838126726.38 117.446.22 6324.80 
XXL1040146826.77 121.447.80 6425.20 
3XL1242166927.17 125.449.37 6525.59 
4XL1444187027.56 129.450.94 6625.98 
5XL1646207127.95 133.452.52 6726.38